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name:Hannah P (threw the p in there for the initials sake :P)
sex:yes please. ah couldnt resist. female.
age: 16
eye color:ever changing from blue to grey
hair color:black...sometimes blonde

Favorite Food:spegetti,pizza,taco bell mmmmmm
Favorite Drinks: mountain dew,starbucks frapps,coke c2s
Favorite Fruits: pineapples,watermelons,cantelopes
Favorite Actress:bette midler,drew barrymore
Favorite Songs: stellar,heart shaped box,come as you are,closer,the perfect drug
Favorite Boybands/Singers: nin,nirvana,incubus,elvis (ill put it out there although cheesey :P)metallica,h-i-m,rhcp
Favorite Girlbands/Singers:kittie,gwen stefani,hole,lacuna coil,switchblade kittens,lylix
Favorite Colors: pink,red,black
Favorite Countries: dont make me choose theres great places everywhere lol
Favorite Sites: www.mugglenet.com,www.dissendium.com
Favorite Books(besides HP): lotr,the dark tower series,wheres waldo :|,eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,series of unfortunate events
Favorite Authors (beside JK Rowling): stephen king,jrr tolken,lemony snicket
Favorite comic book:BATMAN
Favorite super hero: BATMAN
Favorite smell: coconut
Favorite peice of clothing: my ripped jeans or my new poa shirt
Favorite sport: quidditch,softball
Favorite school subject: art,and history
Favorite animal: dog,liger
Favorite place in the world: in my room reading

Favorite Character: sirius,fred and george
Favorite Book: goblet of fire, i would say ootp if it werent for the ending *sobs*
Favorite Movie:dont make me choose!!!
Favorite Quote: anytime rons blurts "BLOODY 'ELL!!"
Favourite Ship: i wish i could answer that....
Favorite Mauder: padfoot
Favorite Quidditch position: chaser
Favorite magical creature: hippogriffs and house elves
Favorite class: defence against the dark arts
Favorite Place at hogwarts: hagrids hut

If you are chosen will you be active?of course ^_^
your thoughts on gay marriages? i believe in love so definately.
your thoughts on abortion?its a womans body....
have you promoted this community?ive told my hp addicts
do you smoke? id like to say i dont but i do at times
do you drink? from time to time.
what do you like?harry potter,softball,quidditch my doggies,writing,photography,painting and writing.:D


A funny picture:
i apologize my pictures arent quite good havent had time to put my pics back on here since my comp crashes....DAMN YOU SPYWARE!!!!*sobs*

kinda funny icon i made
a picture of you:
i hope this one works its from my yahoo profile...sorry if it doesnt

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: maroon 5-this love
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Date:July 31st, 2004 07:51 pm (UTC)


+ your bi
+you like art
+ you paint and write
-your thoughts on gay marriages was to breif :(
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Date:July 31st, 2004 10:54 pm (UTC)
yaaay ty.:D
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